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Helen provides a Java Programming Language framework for generating UDP network traffic and a standard format for that traffic. Helen works on both Oracle JDK and Android (2.2/API Level 8) platforms. Networking can be complicated when you need to start a large number of packet generators and shut them down cleanly. Typically, programmers manage a large number of threads directly and manipulate the sockets by hand. This API manages those complexities for the user. In addition, the standard packet format (with clean options for extensibility) makes developing interoperable applications simpler.


Engineering Guide - Guide for network engineers looking to understand the on the wire format, or developers looking to consume Helen packets without using our library

User Guide - Guide for Java developers looking to use the Helen API

Developer Guide - Guide for Java developers looking to build new functionality into Helen (Network Systems) through the Helen SPI. You should read the User Guide first.

FAQ - Some common questions about the Helen format and libraries

Roadmap - Some thoughts on the future of Helen

Release Notes - Release notes for each version of Helen

Online Resources

Web - Helen Product Page
Wiki - This Wiki
Nexus - Maven Repository
SVN - Browse SVN
Issue Tracking - JIRA - File bugs or feature requests here)
Continuous Integration - Bamboo - CI Server
Maven Site - Maven project site (JavaDocs, etc.)

Stable Releases

All releases are available from our Maven Repository (com.darkcorner.helen:helen)

Helen 1.0.0 - Released February 14, 2011

Development Releases

Helen 1.1.3 - Released September 5, 2011

Helen 1.1.2 - Released April 15, 2011

Helen 1.1.1 - Released March 13, 2011

Helen 1.1.0 - Released March 2, 2011